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– for smokeless smoking

High capacity, innovative heat-not-burn devices that accompany you throughout the day without the need to charge. Small size that can be fit even into a pocket. Different devices for different usage. 

No smell, no smoke, just pure experience.

About heat-not-burn (hnb) devices


Tobacco heating devices represent the latest type of smokeless technology in smoking. The devices heat so-called heatsticks containing real tobacco (without burning) to a temperature of about 480°F to 660°F. This temperature is sufficient to release nicotine and tobacco, but in the absence of combustion, many inhalants can be avoided. The use of heat-not-burn devices is much more like a smoking experience than the use of e-cigarettes. So it can be the first step on the road to quitting.

Why iBuddy?

  • high performance despite its small size
  • simple to use
  • aluminium alloy case: more durable, stable, better heat distribution
  • innovative heating pin instead of blade: no broken blade, even heating
  • compatible with most heatsticks currently available

Easy to use


Place a heatstick into the holder.


Press the fire button 5 times in rapid succession to turn on the device. (Standby mode)


Press and hold the fire button for 3s to start heating.


The tobacco heating device vibrates to indicate that it has reached the desired temperature (after about 18 seconds). Now you can start smoking.


After 16 puffs or 5 min 20 sec the device stops heating. Not long before that, it reminds you with vibration


Move the sliding button upwards to push the holder out of the device.


Remove the used heatstick with a twisting motion.

Different needs – different devices

iBuddy SE

– can be charged in the shortest time


Recommended for beginners or light smokers, or as a smaller replacement device for on the road.

Due to its 900 mAh battery, it can be used with for about 12 heatsticks before needing charging.


iBuddy i1

– can last all day even for an average smoker

Recommended for average smokers.

About 24 tobacco sticks can be used when fully charged due to its battery of 1800 mAh capacity.


iBuddy iS

– the most powerful device, with all the features you can imagine


Even for chain-smokers.

With its powerful 3000 mAh battery, you can use even 40 tobacco sticks with one full charge. It has 3 different temperature settings providing different user experience.

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