iBuddy iS

Product description

Compact, comfortable heating device that fits well in your hand. Due to its powerful, built-in battery of 3000 mAh, you can use up to 40 tobacco heatsticks with a single charge, so it can last all day even for a heavy chainsmoker. Thanks to its innovative pin-style heating element, it reaches the desired temperature quickly. The first heat-not-burn device with innovative flow sensor counter, resulting in more accurate puff counting. With vibration reminding function. Its three different temperature adjustments provide different taste for different needs.

Dimensions 79.5 x 46 x 26.7 mm
Weight 88.6 g
Case aluminium alloy
Battery built-in Li-ion, 3000 mAh
Operating voltage 3.3 – 4.2 V
Number of heatsticks before needing to recharge the device approx. 40
Necessary time to warm up 18 s
Charging time 2-3 hours
Colour options black/silver, red/silver, white/silver, navy/silver

Parts of iBuddy iS heat-not-burn-device

Intelligent puff counting and vibration reminding function

The device can calculate puffs automatically. To provide optimal taste, the device will stop heating if a single heatstick was taken more than 16 puffs. The light blinks 5 times to indicate that it is time to change the heatstick.

The device indicates with vibration when it starts heating and when it reaches the desired temperature.

The device alsoi vibrates when the number of puffs on the same heatstick is getting close to the maximum 16 (after about 13 puffs), indicating that heating will be stopped soon.


3 temperature adjustments 

You can choose between three different temperature adjustments, providing different taste. Push the fire button once in standby mode, and the colour of the indicator light will show the temperature setting. 


Remove the holder from the heating device. (Please make sure before removing that the holder has already cooled down.) Insert the cleaning brush into the holder, then gently clean with a twisting motion.

Replacing the heatstick

Push the holder out of the device by moving the sliding button upwards, remove the used heatstick and insert a new one.

Content of the box

  • 1 iBuddy iS Heat-not-burn Device
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Gift Box

The box does not contain heatsticks.

Spare parts

The following spare parts are suitable for all iBuddy heat-not-burn devices. Replacing both the cleaning brush and the holder is recommended every few months.

Cleaning Brush