iBuddy SE

Product description

Small, compact heat-not-burn device. The smallest member of the iBuddy family, the size of a lighter. Despite its size, it has an outstanding performance: you can use up to 12-13 tobacco heatsticks with a single charge, and there is no need to recharge after every single use. Thanks to its innovative pin-style heating element, it reaches the desired temperature quickly. The pin does not break like the heating blade of other similar devices, and provides a more even heating. It has a vibration reminding function.

Dimensions 26.3 x 16.6 x 84 mm
Weight 43,5 g
Case aluminium alloy
Battery built-in Li-ion, 900 mAh
Number of heatsticks before needing to recharge the device about 12
Necessary time to warm up 18 s
Charging time 35-40 min
Colours available black, silver, red

Colour options




Parts of iBuddy SE heat-not-burn device

Vibration reminding function

The device vibrates when it starts heating or when it reaches the desired temperature.

Approaching the maximum 16 puffs, the device will also vibrate to indicate that it will stop soon.

Power indicator

Press the fire button once, and the color of the light shows the power status.

Meaning of colours:

🟢 above 70%

🔵 50% – 70%

🟡 below 50%

Contents of the kit

  • 1 iBuddy SE Heat-not-burn Device
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Accessory Box
  • 1 Gift Box

Spare parts

The following spare parts are suitable for all iBuddy heat-not-burn devices. Replacing both the cleaning brush and the holder is recommended every few months.

Cleaning Brush