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Is there an iBuddy tobacco heatstick ?

IBuddy heat-not-burn devices hasn’t got a tobacco heatstick of iBuddy brand. However they are compatible with the heatsticks of most manufacturers.

What kind of heatstick can I use with my iBuddy heating device?

IBuddy heating devices are compatible with the heatsticks of most manufactureres. You can buy different heatsticks in different countries. Heets, Marlboro, Parliament, Fiit, SKS heatstickc surely fit your iBuddy heat-not-burn device. If you want to use any other heatsticks, and you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact us.

May I use the heat-not-burn device with a regular cigarette?

No, heat-not-burn devices can be used only with the specially designed heatsticks.

When do I have to change the heatstick?

After 16 puffs. But you do not have to count puffs as all iBuddy devices remind you with vibration after about 13 puffs, and heating will automatically stop after 16 puffs.

Does the device automatically stop heating?

The heat-not-burn device automatically stops heating after 16 puffs or 5 min and 20 sec (even after inactivity).